The Young Marines strives to lead a positive, drug-free lifestyle by being physically fit and eating healthy. It enables us to perform up to our full potential-physically, mentally, and emotionally. We understand that fitness is an individual quality that varies from person to person. It is influenced by age, sex, heredity, personal habits, exercise, and eating practices. We believe that it is within your power to change and improve.



Young Marines can...

Identify the definition, importance, and components of physical fitness.

Commit to a personal physical fitness program. 

Pass the Young Marines Physical Fitness Test (PFT).


What is a PFT?

  • Measures your current physical fitness level. 
  • Raises your awareness of the importance of physical fitness.
  • Motivates you to participate in physical activities.
  • Creates an interest in physical fitness as a life-long activity. 

PFT Components

  • Curl-up or Partial Curl-ups (modified)
  • Shuttle Run
  • V-sit or Reach (modified)
  • One Mile Run/Walk or Half-Mile Run/Walk (modified for 8- to 9-year-olds)
  • Right-angle Push-Up
  • Pull-up (only males 13-years-old or older)
  • Flex Arm Hang (females)


One of the keys to keeping both present and future Americans healthy throughout their lives is good nutrition. Consuming a healthy diet can prevent serious health issues including heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes, and increase longevity. Healthy eating can also be used to manage chronic diseases and avoid further complications. One of our missions is to inspire young people to make healthy food choices, consume water instead of sugary drinks, and engage in regular physical activity.

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A national youth program for boys and girls, ages eight through high school, focused on leadership, citizenship through community service, self-discipline, and living a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.
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