The Young Marines believes in the power of young people. Leadership is one of the three core values of the Young Marines, and the goal of the organization and every one of its units is to provide a leadership culture that offers the finest youth training. 
Adult Volunteers stand by to offer support, direction, and accountability, but primarily, the high-ranking youth members teach and mentor younger Young Marines.

National Leadership Academy
Inner strength begins with a solid foundation! Build upon your foundation and hone your individual leadership skills, conquer your fears, and embrace new challenges at the National Leadership Academy. Join us and continue your journey in becoming the premier leaders of this program.

The Young Marine leadership development process at the National Leadership Academy is designed to enhance leadership skills in a way Young Marines have never experienced. The Academy prides itself on introducing experiential learning mixed with self-discovery to challenge Young Marines in overcoming daily leadership tasks and the battle within themselves to make right decisions during tough situations. On a larger scale, the Academy assists Unit Commanders with the product created at the end of a Young Marine’s career. This is accomplished through molding Young Marines into engaged citizens who can operate at a higher level than their peers with an understanding of the necessary work ethic required to achieve any goal, vision, dream, or lifestyle that the individual Young Marine desires. The challenge is to inspire Young Marines to change themselves, the people around them, and the world if they choose to do so. All is accomplished with a curriculum designed to challenge Young Marines physically, mentally, and morally. The curriculum and environment prepare Young Marines with basic life skills that continue to strengthen the lives of America’s youth because they will have the freedom to fail and the opportunity to succeed.
Advanced Leadership School (ALS)

The Advanced Leadership School is a program for Young Marines who have exhibited exceptional maturity and leadership skills in their units. Adult leaders often call upon these Young Marines to handle leadership situations and provide the inspiration to those under their charge 
Two Young Marines Frineds Senior Leadership School (SLS)

The three training pillars of the Young Marines Program are teaching self-discipline, team building, and leadership development. SLS is the second step leadership school in the Young Marines Program. YM/Sergeants and Staff Sergeants will practice interpersonal communication and problem solving and will define and refine who they are as a leader. Upon completion of this school, the Young Marine graduate will have a strong base of leadership skills and a working knowledge of group dynamics. 
4 friends at Leadership School Junior Leadership School (JLS)

The Junior Leadership School (JLS) is the introduction to the three training pillars of self-discipline, team building, and leadership development. It is designed to introduce the Junior Young Marine Corporals and mature Basic Young Marine Lance Corporals to interpersonal communication, teambuilding skills, and basic leadership skills and principles. Upon completion of this school, the Young Marine graduate will have a basic understanding of leadership principles and who they want to be as a leader in the future. 
Young Marines at Symposium Young Marines Symposium

Annually, the top 10 Honor Graduates from Advanced Leadership School and the six Division Young Marines of the Year, led by the National Young Marine of the Year, meet for a four-day weekend to discuss the program and make suggestions for improvements that may be implemented in coming years.
Flag raising on iwo jima National Young Marine of the Year 

Only one Young Marine is named the National Young Marine of the Year. They travel throughout the country as the ambassador and spokesperson for the Young Marines. In addition, they are the official mentor and leader to all youth members of the organization.
Strengthening the lives of America's youth
A national youth program for boys and girls, ages eight through high school, focused on leadership, citizenship through community service, self-discipline, and living a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.
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