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Unit: Lone Star
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The Lone Star Young Marines is an amazing Leadership Program for youth with the focus on making smart choices and staying drug-free!  Contact us today for more information on Young Marines and to learn about our next recruit training cycle.



Q:  What are the ages of the kids in the program?
A:  The Young Marine Program is for youth 8 years through completion of High School.

Q:  How much commitment is involved?
A:  The Lone Star Young Marines meet at least 2 times per month for mandatory meetings.  Occasionally, we'll have a flag ceremony or community service event on a non-meeting day.  These are not mandatory events but are highly recommended to attend.  As a Young Marine progresses through the program, he/she will need community service hours to promote.

Q:  Is the Young Marine program a recruiting tool for the Marines, Navy, Army etc.?
A:  No.  The Young Marines instills discipline, leadership, and teamwork.  Our program teaches Young Marines how to lead a drug-free lifestyle and to be a productive citizen.  Some Young Marines do choose to join the armed service, but we do not facilitate that process.

Q:  What kind of support is expected from the parents?
A:  The Lone Star Young Marines expects the parents or guardians of our Young Marines to support the goals of our Young Marines.  We only have them for 12 hours, twice a month.  We would hope that you understand and continue our mission at home to give them the highest success rate possible.

Q:  Is the Young Marine Program like a summer camp?
A:  No!  Young Marines is not summer camp.  The Lone Star Young Marines runs year-round.  Though we want our Young Marines to have fun, our learning environment is very structured and may move your child outside their comfort zone.  The Lone Star Young Marines is run by senior/ranking Young Marines and monitored by Registered Adult Staff. 

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A national youth program for boys and girls, ages eight through high school, focused on leadership, citizenship through community service, self-discipline, and living a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.
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