One of the pillars of the Young Marines program is to lead positive, drug free lifestyles...and to educate and encourage others to do the same.  Young Marines units are mandated to teach the standardized Project Alert curriculum.  The Project Alert curriculum focuses on the Gateway Drugs, but also stays current with drugs that affect our youth.  It also gives senior Young Marines the opportunity to become certified instructors and teach their younger Young Marines and peers. 
In addition to Project Alert, Young Marines participate year round in community projects and events that focus on reducing and eliminating drug abuse by our youth.  We encourage our adults and parents to stay educated on the drugs that affect our youth and to participate in and support our drug-free message.
The Young Marines “Closing the Gate on Drugs” initiative focuses our drug demand reduction (DDR) efforts on raising awareness of  common gateway drugs (tobacco, alcohol, inhalants, prescription drugs and marijuana) that are either in homes or neighborhoods and are most often encountered and easily accessed by children and young adults.
We have developed a standardized curriculum that is taught to Young Marines by senior Young Marines, and we have developed product and information packages available to all our Your Young Marines are encouraged to deploy this initiative into their communities to reach out to their peers.


DDR Dash:
The DDR Dash 5K happens in a flash! Sign up for the DDR Dash held annually around the month of October.

Red Cord:
The Young Marines commit to living a healthy, drug-free lifestyle 365 days out of the year. As a symbol of their commitment, Young Marines wear red cord bracelets.

Red Ribbon Week:
The last week of October, Young Marines across the country participate and reach out to their communities with their partners in prevention.

Learn more about drug prevention from many different sources outside of the Young Marines. There are plenty of different prevention resources available across different organizations. The main purpose of providing these resources is to assist units with planning Drug Demand Reduction (DDR) education.

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A national youth program for boys and girls, ages eight through high school, focused on leadership, citizenship through community service, self-discipline, and living a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.
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